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Young Throats Video – Alisha

Hello, guys and gals! Alisha is back and the little slut wants a second throat fuck. Well, we are more than glad to take her as her first time proved to be a real success. This is the kind of whore that no matter how much you fuck her mouth, she would never complain because she knows how to take it. She did so well, sucking quietly on the fat tool. She sure is a natural. Anyway, make yourself comfortable and enjoy her gagging her throat once again for your viewing delight.

As you will see, Alisha goes in different position, but her strength is the upside-down blowing. She knows how to manage the cock while sitting upside-down on the bedside. Well, her eyes will tear, but that is exactly what we want, tight. This hungry little slut will have her gag reflex triggered only a couple of times. She won’t have a problem having the back of her throat poked many times by that huge cock. The brunette will also go on her belly, and with the hands grabbing the legs, she will suck on the fat took like there’s no tomorrow. Enjoy Alisha taking all the cum straight into he mouth as she waits with the tongue out and the mouth wide open for the nasty jizz. You can bet she swallowed to the last drop. Enjoy, you all and be back for more! Have fun with Alisha till next week when another hungry little slut will tear up gagging a large one.

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Sexy Little Star

Hello, you all! I know how much you enjoy watching hot teens having their tight throats stretched to limits, so that’s why we brought you this barely legal sweet babe to show us her skills as she came her claiming that she is just the girl we are looking for. Well, we had to test that out, so this crazy stud fucked her throat to exhaustion. The truth is the this little star resisted till the end when all that fresh jizz filled out her talented mouth. Great content!

So just grab a seat and enjoy this sweet blue-eyed babe trying to satisfy her new lover. This hungry little slut amaze us making that cock disappear into her mouth as she dropped down her knees as the camera started to roll. Well, that was the beginning when the teen had control, but once that crazy fucker grabbed her head and shoved his cock even deeper, her pretty eyes started to tear and that gag reflex got triggered. The truth is that she took it like a champ, no whining or need for breaks. She is exactly what we were looking for. Enjoy her grabbing her legs with the hands and sucking that cock right like that, on her belly. Great image. We came with these amazing close-ups which present her messed make-up, those goggled eyes and that red nose while the large cock is stuffing her mouth and pocking the back of her throat. This wasn’t convincing enough for you? Hit the link bellow for more! Wanna see other gorgeous teens sucking cocks? If you do, enter the cumshot oasis site!sexy little star

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Horny Teen Raven

Another week passed and we are here with fresh content since you all are so devoted to our website. No wander, because we are the only one that brings you hot raw hands ready to offer their throat for some amazing HD scenes. Like sexy Raven over here who came to us ready to impress. Just make yourself comfortable and watch her in action then tell us is she deserves a second throat fuck on the camera.


As I said, these sweet chicks have never been on camera before. Most of them are barely legal little whores who dream of a porn star career. Well, if they manage this, this might manage anything else. Watch this hungry little slut with great skills having her throat stretched and her make up ruined after she tears down from that gag reflex. The young and hot teen will choke do many times in that cock, but she won’t stop. She is a hard-worker and managed to suck all the cum out of that cock. So many hot positions, from down her knees to upside down blowing, then the teen will get on top just to suck once again on the cock before the great finale. Enjoy her face covered with tears, spit and jizz in the end. This one simply cannot be missed. Just cum inside and enjoy her in action in a HD video. Also, stay tuned for fresh content. Next week we’ll be back! Until then, enter the site and see other hot gals sucking big dicks!

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Young Babe Marilyn

Hello, once again! Some youngthroats are here and they will simply make your day, like always. Tonight is Marilyn who wants to became a star and will take a large one down her throat. It’s time to stretch to limits some virgin throat and Marilyn is here to star the scene for your viewing delight. She just turned 18 and was so excited that she’ll finally be in a porn scene. Well, we test her limits and succeed to impress us. Just watch!

So this sweet babe confessed that she tried before deepthroat, but the partner she was having was pretty inexperienced and freaked out once the babe started to tear out. Well, we told her that she is on the right place and shoved the cock deep into her mouth, no warning. It seems she enjoyed that and in the very moment we realized that we have a freak one here. Kinky-freak, I’d say. Anyway, watch the brunette making that cock disappear into her mouth and chocking on it many times. She won’t stop, she is a hard-worker. We love that in girls. She tried so much to pleasure that crazy stud, taking his huge cock deep inside her mouth, even if her gag reflex was triggered and her make-up was ruined by the tears that run down her cheeks. Also, the chin was full of spit and in the and some nasty jizz joined that dripping spit. Enjoy, you little perverts! You can’t wait until the next post? No problem, you can visit slutty Britney Madison‘s blog and see this cock hungry slut getting face fucked!


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Sexy Redhead Lilly

Hi there! So it was about time to bring you a hot redheaded here at young throats. Her name is Lilly and she is having this submissive attitude that got us from the moment she walked in. Her innocence made us wanting to go a little harder, just to prove her wrong. There is no innocence here! These little sluts cum to suck cocks, so none of them is innocent anymore. Watch us covering her face with her own spit and jizz.

Well, as I said, we are not really into that innocent thing. Once a babe is here, she sure ain’t no angel anymore. She wants to suck cock and to have her throat violated by some huge piece of hard meat. She will spread wide open her mouth and will take the cock balls deep inside. Where is the innocence now? That stud went a little harder than usual only because of that attitude she was having. Anyway, all in all, she is great. She had all these tears running down her face, her make-up was ruined and those gag reflexes were triggered many times. It is pure pleasure to watch something like that. Just hit the link bellow and enjoy naughty Lilly going hard on the camera for the first time. Cum  inside and you will find a HD video and some amazing HQ photos. See you all next week with more. Until then, check out the cock choking sluts site and see other beautiful babes getting face fucked! Have fun!


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Young and Hot Teen Kinzie

Welcome back, you perverts! We are back with young throats to fuck and tonight’s star will be hot Kinzie, a 19 years old chick with a huge passion for cocks and who wants to punish her parents joining porn industry. Well, we don’t actually care about those things, what is important to us is that the babe to offer us her throat for some action. This one was totally down and took it quietly down her throat, not like she could talk, but I’m just saying.


So the blonde is here for the first time. This is her debut and we sort of  feel lucky because of that. Well, she sucked some cocks before, but I’m glad she didn’t do it on camera. Anyway, you will enjoy watching her having that mouth stuffed with one huge piece of meat, also her throat will be stretched to limits, nothing from what she experienced before. But she enjoyed it. We told her before what is this all about and she was down, even kind of eager to start. She confessed that she always enjoyed sucking cocks, even if she never learned how to deepthroat. Well, this was her day, so enjoy watching her tearing eyes looking straight into the camera while that fat tool is gagging her throat while her gag reflex get triggered. She takes it in all kind of position, down her knees, upside down or on her belly, having the legs held by hands. In the end she will also get on top to suck for the last time in that cock. If you wanna see other sweet babes getting their faces facialized, visit the cum girls site!

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Nasty Ivona

Hello, there! Our scenes are getting better and better and we find babes naughtier with every week. This time it is all about Ivona, a sweet little blonde who came around because she thought that she can impress us with her deepthroating skills, but we always prove them wrong. If they are not some innocent looking babes, are some little sluts who claim that they know stuffs. Well, we always make sure to bring them down to reality.

Nasty Ivona is like that. She claimed that she knows things, but once we started the action, she realized that a monster cock like that might be a little problem for her. I mean, she only tried smaller dicks and this one was way too big for what she expected her. Anyway, that was not a problem and did not kept us from making her tears running down her face and cheeks and from activating her gag reflex once the fat cock stretched down her tight throat. I just love this job! Just cum inside and watch that crazy stud having his fat tool sucked by that barely legal babe and also fucking her throat like there’s no tomorrow. He showed no mercy for her mouth, so watch him having her catching the feet with her hands and gagging her mouth while gripping her hair or wide opening her eyes with her fingers, just so that the end to catch her with that sweet face covered in nasty jizz. Great image! Watch and drool and don’t forget that you can watch some similar hardcore sex scenes inside the site!


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Hot Teen Carrie

Here we are again and some youngthroats were prepared for you once again. Tonight is all about Carrie, a hot innocent looking babe with one flawless body and a big passion for cocks. The teen seemed like she never saw a cock, but once she put her lips on it we realized that she isn’t actually a beginner. She still has things to learn, but she also has some skills. Just cum inside and see exactly what I’m talking here.

Anyway, all in all, Carrie is just another barely legal babe who wants to do something crazy once she got legal. Most of the girls around here are actually good girls in real life and no one has any idea and would  never guess about their dirty actions. This one is home alone and her parents have no idea that she is not a virgin anymore, not talking about the gagging passion that she has. Anyway, these are less important. What is important is that we had her eyes tearing once her tight throat was stretched and fucked. Watch her chocking down that big monster and having her gag reflex triggered so many times. The sweet Carrie ends is the scene with a naughty smile and a face full of semen and spit. Great image, you will find it on the website. Just hit the link bellow and enjoy her in action. You don’t see girls like her everyday. Until next week, have fun with Carrie! For similar content, check out the ball honeys site and see some beautiful babes getting throat fucked!


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Bridgette’s Fucked Throat

Hi, you little perverts, and welcome back! It is time for fresh content. Since you are still here, that means that you enjoyed our hot young throats and the way we treat them. So we brought another beauty who will have that talented throat gagged for your viewing delight. She is Bridgette and she has a dirty little secret: she is no angel anymore, even if most of her friends don’t know that. Grab a seat and see what we brought you and you will understand!


So this crazy teen loves going hard on herself and she is ready for new things any time. That is what it brought her to us. She wants to train her throat for new experiences and I think she came to the right place. She said that she doesn’t have much of an experience, but she wants to learn. So make yourself comfortable and enjoy that crazy stud teaching her about the true meaning of deepthroat, reminding of sexy Alisha. She will have her eyes in tears and her chin and cheeks full of cum and spit once this crazy stud finish his job. Bridgette is not an angel and you already know how we treat these little whores around here. We test out her gag reflexes as the stud pocked the back of her throat many, many times. She smiled for us in the end and that mean only one thing: she enjoyed it. Well, maybe she’ll be back. We don’t know yet. Enjoy!

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Young Barbie’s DeepThroat

Hello, you all! You will never guess what we have for you for tonight’s young throats scene. We found a smoking hot natural blonde and she accepted to go on camera while having her young throat skilled. This barely legal beauty is eager to try new things and will try her best for you. Watch her taking the fat cock down her throat without saying a word and having her barely legal throat stretched to limits. Great content!

So her name is Barbie and she definitely looks like the doll. Those blue eyes makes you wanting to go even harder on her. She will innocently look into your eyes like an angel, but once you look down you’ll find the mouth stuffed with a hard cock and that will remind you that this hypocrite chick is not an angel. She is just another little slut who wants to try out her limits once she gets legal. Well, surprise, you whore, here no one shows mercy for sluts like you. That young throat will be fucked until your eyes well up with tears and we’re make sure your gag reflex is triggered. The truth is that this one took that hardcore throat fucking like a champ and we feel so blessed when we find girl like her, not whiner little whores who don’t know how to appreciate a new experience. This one is one of the best, so don’t miss her. Anyway, cum inside and see exactly what I’m talking here! Wanna see other sexy ladies getting covered in jizz? If you do, the cum filled panties blog is the perfect place to be!


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